How Much Does A WIG 4 YOU Cost?

Pricing starts at $400 and goes up depending on style, length and color of your dream look.

What is the turnaround time for a WIG 4 YOU?

Once payment is made and received in full, your processing time begins the next business day. This doesn’t include weekends or holidays. For custom orders the processing time is 14-26 days for completion. Shipping is an additional 2-6 days depending on location.

How beginner friendly are WIGS 4 YOU?

WIGS4YOU offer several different wig options that are beginner friendly for the first time wig wearer. With a custom fit created from your measurements and an optional wig band added, you will feel secure while wearing your WIG4YOU.

Does WIGS 4 YOU offer consultations?

Yes! We offer both in person and virtual consultation. Email INFO@WIGS4YOUJAX.COM to schedule. Consultations are $50. If you decide to proceed with a custom order, your consultation fee will be deducted from your wig purchase.

How long will my WIG 4 YOU last?

With proper care, your wig can last a minimum of 3 years.

Does WIGS 4 YOU offer maintenance service?

Yes we do! We can Shampoo, Style, Cut and repair your existing wig. Email Info@wigs4youjax.com to inquire. Always remember there’s no set schedule to do maintenance on your wig. Mostly when you notice product build up, then it’s time for maintenance. Also how often you wear the wig can determine if a maintenance is needed.

Does WIGS 4 YOU ship internationally?

Yes we ship worldwide. However we don’t cover international shipping charges or US Customs charges.


Once your order has been placed, we cannot make any further changes to your order. Please ensure that ALL information is correct before proceeding to checkout.